When Memory Loss Becomes a Concern

on 04/15/2017 10:27 AM
Everybody misplaces items, forgets the name of someone they know well, or doesn't show up for an appointment because it slips their mind. How often have you found something you lost in an unexpected place, like your keys in the freezer?While memory loss is a common occurrence, especially in aging, there is a difference in memory loss and a significant decline in cognition such as those a...
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Job Fair at Harbor - April 8

on 04/01/2017 10:30 AM
Join us for a Job Fair at Harbor Healthcare & Rehabilitation in Lewes, DelawareSaturday, April 8, 2017Time: 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. APPLY ONLINE!Where: Harbor Healthcare & Rehabilitation301 Ocean View BlvdLewes, DE 19958 We are seeking:C.N.A.s  7P-3P (PT) 3P-11P & 11P-7A FT and PT ($1,000 bonus for FT & $500 for PT)RNs/LPN FT, PT a...
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Personalized Music Programming to Increase Quality of Life for Seniors

on 03/15/2017 10:32 AM
Don't be surprised to see smiling faces and individuals singing when you visit Harbor Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center in Lewes, Delaware. Residents at this local skilled nursing community are benefiting from new Music & Memory programming that allows individuals to enjoy their favorite music to encourage feelings of happiness and joy."Becoming a MUSIC & MEMORY Ce...
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Harbor Hosts Bridal Show for Residents

on 03/01/2017 10:34 AM
Harbor Healthcare and Rehabilitation in Lewes had our first, and now annual, Bridal Show! Twenty "bridal” employees, including our certified nursing assistants and director of nursing, were dressed in vintage wedding gowns, carrying beautiful flowers donated by a local florist with handsome employees as grooms. After the fashion show, two resident couples renewed their vows, and ev...
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Harbor Healthcare Presents "The Bryans"

on 12/01/2016 10:36 AM
The 2016 Oscars!!! The 2016 Tony's!!!!! But the 2016 Bryans???"During one of Harbor Healthcare's Culture of Excellence meetings, the team was trying to figure out how we could tie in lessons learned during our conversion to the culture and celebrate those who have led the way thus far in our journey. I am still not sure how it happened, but while watching the previews for the annu...
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Promoting Readmission Prevention with an Exceptional Tool

on 11/01/2016 10:36 AM
As the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) secures its annual review of payments as it relates to Quality, a key component, binding quality to reimbursement, is Readmission to a Hospital. For decades, the return to a hospital for a related or unrelated episode was just standard operating procedure, the unofficial battle cry of a nursing or rehab team could have been, "when in d...
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Healthcare Career Fair: April 16 - BONUS Opportunity

on 04/01/2016 10:37 AM
Nursing and CNAs, find your new healthcare career at Harbor Healthcare & Rehabilitation. Located in the beautiful oceanfront town of Lewes, Harbor Healthcare & Rehabilitaiton is a popular senior living center located near BeeBe Hospital.  We will be hosing a CNA, RN and LPN job fair and conducting open interviews on April 16 from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. on the Harbor Healthcare ca...
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Dr. Levy, AMDA President & Harbor Medical Director Encourages Certification

on 03/26/2016 10:39 AM
Dr. Susan Levy serves as Harbor Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center's medical director, but her work extends to the American Medical Director's Association (AMDA). As the 2016-2017 AMDA president, Dr. Levy encourages all Medical Directors to completed AMDA Medical Director Certification to benefit the centers in which they serve.AMDA President-Elect: Ask if Your Facility Has a Cer...
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